Ceramics China 2018 Press Conference

2017-08-08 16:43:58

In 10th August, 2017, 2018 Ceramic China Press Conference was held in Foshan Hotel, which attracted the participation of over 200 representatives from over 100 domestic and foreign ceramic enterprises as well as relevant associations and media. There is no doubt that Ceramic China has developed into a genuinely professional exhibition with strong influence and appeal in ceramic industry, and plays a pioneer’s role in this field. The main content of this conference is to present the achievement of Ceramic China and introduce new measures and activities for the coming year.
Ceramic China, the first exhibition brand of ceramic industry
According to Lu Hongping, director of ceramics department of Ceramic China, since 1987 Ceramic China has been successfully held for over 30 years. After 30 years of accumulation and effort, it has become the world’s largest exhibition brand in ceramic industry that providing international platform and professional consulting services for ceramic enterprises. According to statistics, overseas visitors account for 21% of all audiences, and overseas buyers account for 20.3%. Besides, there are a large number of purchasing group from Korea, Iran, Vietnamese, Sri Lanka, and other 40 countries coming to Ceramic China every year. Lu also point out that by the end of 10th August, 2017, 237 enterprises have confirmed their location of the booths, and 156 of those have paid earnest money, which has far exceed the historical standard.
New measures bring New opportunity
In the coming year, a serious of new measures and activities will be adopted and implemented to enhance your business. Firstly, we would adopt promotion and dissemination plans in Hebei, Shandong, Hubei and other domestic ceramic producing areas. In addition, we will organize visiting and purchasing group to visit overseas main ceramic exhibitions, including Japan, Italia and Vietnamese etc. Secondly, we would take measures to strengthen media publicity of Ceramic China. Till now, more than domestic 100 and 40 overseas media and websites have build cooperation with Ceramic China. Thirdly, in return for the support of the exhibitors, we would supply enterprise support service for audiences that invited by exhibitors. Fourthly, all the exhibitors that participate in Ceramic China 2018 may have the opportunity to take part in the New Line activities held by CCPITBM to promote your brands and products for free.
With the support of industry colleagues, we believe that Ceramic China 2018 is bound to be successful. Meanwhile, both exhibitors and audiences will gain effective information and services, as well as valuable profits and business opportunity.