Ceramics China 2016 World Tour in Spain Cevisama 2016

2017-03-23 13:55:55

On February 1st, Cevisama 2016 was opened in Valencia. CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, the organizer of Ceramics China 2016 attended the fair and promoted Ceramics China 2016 to both exhibitors and visitors. In this edition, Cevisama occupied 8 halls, among which 6 halls are for ceramic tiles and products, and 1 hall for ceramic machines, and 1 hall for frits and colors.  Almost all the booths are well decorated. Here are some photos that CCPIT BM took on-site.

 1. Cevisama 2016 was held from Feb 01-05 in Feria of Valencia.

2. Exhibitors of inks, colors and glazes combined their booth design with their master products.

2-1: Torrecid, big booth and huge crowds of visitors.

2-2: Ferro, elegant design and unique arrangement.

2-3:Colorobbia, special interior decoration through the glass cabinet. 

2-4:Itaca, lights make mysterious. 

3. Exhibitors of ceramic machines displayed world top technologies.



4. Exhibitors of ceramic products presented different styles of showrooms.