The Third Ceramic Technology Exchange Meeting Successfully Held in Hanoi, Vietnam

2017-11-21 15:15:36

On the afternoon of November 17, “The Third China-Vietnam Ceramic Technology Exchange”, co-sponsored by the CCPIT-BM and Vietnam Building Ceramics Association was successfully held at Sheraton Hanoi,Vietnam. Decades of Chinese companies leaded by Zhou Zhizhou vice president of CCPITBM and zhang Baiqing vice president of China Silicate Ceramics also the professor of Jing De Zhen Ceramics University showed their excellent products and technology. More than two hundred and thirty local people in Vietnam attended the meeting, all seats  were occupied.
Chinese Companies showed their advanced products and technology on this forum, and professor Zhang analyzed the future development of ceramics industry based on the current situation.
Professor Zhang gave a speech on the theme of “green production, intelligent manufacturing of ceramic industry transformation and upgrading. He mainly talked about three aspects:1) Status and development goals of ceramic industry.2) Green production and intelligent manufacturing must be the key to the transformation and upgrading of ceramic industry.3) Transformation and upgrading, equipment first.

The latest part of the technology and equipment brought by Chinese ceramics to Vietnam are: Large board production technology and equipment, Production technology and equipment of dry legal powder、Digital fabric production technology and equipment、energy conservation and emission reduction production technologies and equipment,etc. Through the introduction of these production techniques and equipment, it is sure to provide technical and equipment guarantee for the development of ceramics industry in Vietnam. More new technologies and equipment, will be showed on Ceramics China 2018.

The expert leaders in the meeting also made a profound interpretation of the status quo of Vietnamese ceramics and investment in Vietnam, which provides a strong policy reference for Chinese ceramic enterprises entering the Vietnam market.
The organizer of Ceramics China 2018 is not only devoted to this renowned exhibition but committed themselves to finding more emerging market and leading Chinese companies to go out find more opportunities all over the world.